Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats
Storytelling for Fundraising Results 1-Day Workshop

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to distinguish their unique value in their community in a clear, compelling and consistent manner. Simultaneously, donors are looking to make financial investment in worthy causes aligned with their personal values that will yield the greatest return on investment.

This one-day, private workshop is designed to empower your staff and volunteers with new skills and confidence to powerfully tell your organization’s story; both the story of those served by your mission and the individual participant’s personal story demonstrating their authentic connection to the mission.

Prior to the workshop, we will work together to develop your “Top Three” value statements by answering three key questions:

– What is the mission of your organization?

– Why do you matter to the community?

– Why should we care about your mission and those you serve?

Participants will leave the workshop prepared to share compelling facts about your mission, quantifiable and urgent needs affecting the community and powerful stories of lives changed or saved through your work.

What others are saying:

“Tammy led a storytelling workshop during which my colleagues and I laughed, cried and learned how to make our own message and our passion for our work, truly move others. This is one of Tammy’s priceless attributes — she ignites a fire to inspire action by appealing to both your heart and your intellect. She gives you hope that you can make a difference.”
— Kerry Sharp, United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Detroit

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Integrating for Sustainability 2-Day Workshop

Nonprofit organizations require annual contributions to sustain the programmatic and operational costs of day-to-day mission fulfillment. With shrinking resources and growing demands for services, organizations must invest in annual fund strategies yielding the greatest return on investment. This private, 2-day workshop is designed to guide nonprofit organizations in rebuilding or maximizing their individual donor annual fund development efforts in a changing economy.

Current *research indicates the best return on investment from individual donors will be achieved by focusing on cultivating existing loyal donors towards gift growth as well as developing volunteer to donor conversion strategies. We will work together to increase leadership level giving from individual donors by conducting an individual donor engagement self-assessment. During the workshop we will develop a customized plan for strengthening your community engagement activities. Fundraising events, direct mail, online giving and leadership level donor cultivation activities and messaging will be integrated based on current research on giving motivations. Further, we’ll integrate next practices throughout all annual fund efforts and producing a twelve month fundraising plan with quantifiable measures, milestones and goals.

Course content will focus on igniting a team of individuals comprised of volunteers and staff members towards growing and sustaining your organization’s individual annual fund giving commitments over time. A self-assessment questionnaire must be completed and returned prior to the workshop to enable the instructor to customize the content to ensure the highest value to the organization.

What others are saying:

“I’ve attended a few training sessions in the last 30 plus years, but none was more professionally done than Tammy’s. She knows her material…connects with her audience (matches her great presenting skills with great listening skills). If you want one of the best…use Tammy.”
— John Peterson, Youth for Christ USA National Headquarters , Denver CO

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*Cygnus Research, Philanthropy in a Turbulent Economy 2009

*Cygnus Research, Where Philanthropy is Headed in 2010

Creating A Culture for Major Gifts 2-Day Workshop

Current research indicates the greatest unrealized potential for most nonprofit organization’s sustainability is in the area of developing and stewarding major gift donors. The Creating a Culture for Major Gifts 2-Day Workshop is designed to train and empower your team of 10 volunteer and/or staff members to create a system for individual major gift donor development while creating a culture of cultivation and stewardship in your organization.

Content will focus on distinguishing personal values and perceptions about money which volunteer leadership and development staff members bring into every donor interaction. Next, participants will be introduced to multiple philanthropic styles distinguishing unique motivators and preferences by donor style. Based on this newly acquired knowledge, participants will begin developing a personalized plan to strengthen major donor engagement based philanthropic styles aligned by your organization’s top three donor styles. Workshop content will also include current research on giving motivations, role playing major gift asks, integrating best practices throughout development efforts and producing a twelve month fundraising plan with quantifiable measures, milestones and goals. Deliverables include a two-day workshop and wealth screening data for twenty major gift prospects from your current donor database for use in the workshop.

What others are saying:

“Tammy makes a huge impact on any organization! She is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. She is a numbers person but also listens to her good instincts and her heart. She comes from a place of caring enough to speak the truth and also being accountable for her results and the results of those she works with. She is a brilliant strategist. She constantly researches and learns the latest information to transform herself and those around her. She contributes to her team or colleagues and is truly one of the most inspiring people I have ever known.”
— Lynda Bowman, Former Benevon Senior Instructor & Coach, Phoenix, AZ

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