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Welcome to Detroit

Welcome to Detroit

Mention that you’re from Detroit in any gathering of fundraising professionals across the country and you’ll hear, “Oh my God, how’s that going?” In truth, I’m a Detroiter by choice.



There’s a staggering amount of data that would indicate Detroit is beyond the brink of devastation; high school graduation rates of less than 60%, one in four families have lost their home to foreclosure, and widespread homelessness.


We’ve Just Begun to Fight

From the ashes of the industrial age, corporate bailouts and political corruption scandals, rises the spirit of Detroit’s Joe Lewis exclaiming, “We’ve only just begun to fight!”


From Detroit With Love

I believe in Detroit; and I’m not alone. It’s an honor to be a fundraiser in this city during this economic time.


Meet Tammy Zonker

“Detroit is the perfect sandbox for developing transformative fundraising strategies; the need is extraordinary and the community has an amazing heart to restore the city and region to a vibrant destination to live and work.” — Tammy Zonker

INSPIRE -  Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Tammy takes a transformational approach to fundraising.

ENGAGE -  Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Storytelling for fundraising Results 1-Day Workshop.


Ensuring Sustainability

Realign fundraising systems to maximize fundraising results.

Meet Tammy Zonker

Meet Tammy Zonker

Tammy’s fundraising and training efforts have yielded over $300M.